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purohita, duta* and daivajHa^, and resolved to march against
the enemy.

On the third day after the decision in the council to inarch
upon the enemy, the spies brought information to the Eaya, in
the palace, that the three Padusahas sent the following message
to Alii Yadnla Saha Padusaha:* " We three, having combined
our armies, are marching together to conquer Karnata, the
kingdom of the NarapatL You should also march for war.
As we intend to pass through the country which is under your
control, we request you to allow us to inarch along that road.
You should join us, and conquer Karnataka (fighting the
enemy) pertinaciously '\

All! Yadula &aha, as soon as he received this message,
sent them a reply, thus :

" I should not raise up my hand in opposition to Raja-
bhuvara. I have acquired the privilege of being called his son.
I should not be treacherous (to him) in any manner.5'

(Yadula aha') delivered this message to the h'ezlbs (of the
three Padusahas}. aud having honoured them, by presenting
them suitable gifts such as dresses 'V3i honour), ear-rings,
necklaces, pendants, crests, horses and elephants, he gave them
permission to depart.

Then Rajabhuvara received a despatch irom his ftarakara
iJagoji Narayana who was at the camp of the three Padn^ahas.
He informed his master that the three Padu&ahas sent an
envoy to (the court of) All! Yadula Saha. (inviting him to join
them), but he declined to accede to their request declaring
that he would not oppose the Xarapati PaduSaha. As a
similar despatch arrived, at the same time, from the Vijaya-
nagara envoy stationed at (the cotirt of) All! Yadula Saha,
p. m.

%   If Alii YaduH §aha Padoiah* Were one of the three Muslim rulers who ns»t ct
JihilaIpBr» fb«r« would bar* bMft no me«£ for Ma&af this &•»*«£•*